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Mama June Bought a Corvette To Celebrate 150 Pound Weight Loss

Shannon June or more often known as Mama June had been criticized very hard for her overweight body and the overly obese figure she possessed and it was nothing wrong, she weighed over 350 pounds and that is very much on the higher side for an actress. She had a weight that is not considered very easy to reduce. That is solely because of the stubborn attitude of the fat that covers whole of your body. You need to work out a way from the mire of obesity and have to put in a lot of effort.mama_june_on_twitter

No More Fat Shammers

Mama June has surely put in a lot to get her weight down. It was told to her by the doctors that 80% of her mass was fat mass and not the lean body mass that is necessary. Her body mass was to be cut down without any surgery and tummy tuck. She told to the sources that she had not undergone any type of surgery to lose weight, instead she had just concentrated over her diet and had started working out. She had made routines for herself, which was kind of a new thing in her life but she followed it and I bore fruit. []

First The Weight Loss, Then The Car

She had her diets set and her workouts planned. Her meals were reduced and her diet was cut down. This had serious effects on her health and it resulted in serious sickness. She fell faint many a times and had to be taken to hospital due to it. She had several problems with the reduction in her portion of food and the diet cut down. Her body required a lot more than she was taking, and she was not burning enough fat to meet the demands. Doctors told her that she would be falling faint multiple times in the week if she continued her strict dietary routine without any consultancy. In a result, she had to undergo a surgery to shrink her stomach that made her feel full even before she took a meal. It surely reduced the amount of food she had to eat but it also causes a lot of other problems. It is well said that each event has its consequences but each medical event has its side effects for sure.

Her weight loss was heavily dependent on her diet, that is what inspires many of you to do it but there was one more thing and that was Garcinia Cambogia. Garcinia Cambogia has got recent hype in Hollywood celebs for weight loss.


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