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Term What does it mean? Other
Addressing Suffix Pronunciation
-chan Used when addressing friends or people younger than you ChaOn
-san Addressing someone older than you for respect, or a family member like pan
-kun A male friend. May be used for females. koon
-ko Child, normally female kOh
-jo A young girl Joe
-senshu athletes Sen, as in sent – Shu, as in shoot
-dono For elders, friendly DohNo
-sama Used for high respect/royality sah-mah
Adressing Stand-Alone Pronunciation
sensei Teacher or instructor. Said without the teachers name often Cen-Say
senpai Upperclassmen, or someone you envy. Older. sen pie
yokio Good girl. yo-key-oe
chibi Cute/small. chib-ee
Name Translations When Used Definition/Origin
Eva Nicknames from the Evangelions Means “Eve” in German
Ikari Shinji’s last name Rage in japanese
NERV Organization in NGE Nerve, german
Rei Girl in NGE Ghost or nothing in japanese
Saotome Ranma’s last name Rice planting girl
Hibiki Ryouga’s last name Echo
Tendo Akane’s last name Laws of the heavens/nature
Kuno Surname in Ranma � 9 Abilities…. go figure.
Tendo Akane’s last name Laws of the heavens/nature
Words Frequently used in anime Pronunciation
baka idiot bah-kah
hentai Pervert. Frequently used to describe pornographic anime hen-tie
yaoi Male/male love in anime. yo-I
yuri Female/female love in anime your-e
ecchi Slang for hentai etch-ee
Otaku A fanatic ah-talk-ew
Shoujo “Girly” Anime. More love plot, less fighting. show-joe
Occurances Trying to explain weird happenings in anime Example:
Explosions Everything explodes in anime. In a similar note, every building in Tokyo is obviously flammable. Evangelion
Hair Cutting your hair in anime is a sign of forgetting the past, or leaving it behind Princess Mononoke
Sweat Generally a way of saying duh, or felling stupid Sailor Moon
Mallets A mallet, that is no where and everywhere, can be pulled out and used to slam a guy at any time, except during an actual fight Ranma �: 1st movie
SD Means super-deformed. Results of an ourburst, plain silliness, or when the artist is lazy Oh! Mini Goddess!
Weapons A sword and a hairbrush are just as strong Ranma �: Ryouga
The Fall Commonly seen when peeps are acting a fool. The twisted hands represent immense mental pain, and the stupidity they just encountered Pokemon
Stupid Block Hands put up in a gesture to block stupidity. Often used at the sound of an offensive action. Evangelion: Everyone to Misato
Bikinis Even the most conservative or traditional girls wear skimpy beachwear Ranma �: 2nd movie
Macho/Overkill There are always superstong fighters, which can easily take out anything else without flaws. Gundam Wing: Gundam
Anti-Macho There are always people who have no reason to have a skill/item, but do. Ranma �: Everyone
Old People The older you get, the stronger you are Common old people in Ranma, Happosai
Beer People never protest the drinking of alcohol Evangelion
Anime Terms Means Why?
OAV/OVA Original Animation Video Only on video productions, such as Oh! My Goddess!
Fansub Subtitling done by fans of a series Anime that the producers won’t port, like Kodomo No Omocha
Dubbed Voiced again in another language Not everyone understands Japanese


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