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We here at CAN are very appreciative of any help we receive. Whether it be from a small bio contribution to an ENTIRE server, we thank anything and anyone willing to lend us hand whenever possible. If you’ve been left out of our salute to those who’ve offered their support, please feel free to email Prowler. This page is ordered by whom I’ve annoyed/talked to (same difference for me, Prowler) the most. If you feel you need to move up on the list, trust me, you might want to contact the person ahead of you first. ;)
Tomas (Aka Tomas, S:N Admin Guy #2):: L33t Scripting Guy
An Admin of Square Network, as well as the owner and maintainer. He deserves round of applause: cheerfully keeping his patience through my blithering idiocy and lack of reading abilities. Yes, you’ll see this message three or four times in this thank you page. He helped set up the forums, the site itself, and the domain. AND he manages to stay awake, nice, and give pity laughs! If it wasn’t for him, this site would not be on the net right now, not to mention be as advanced as it is right now. A big shout of thanks goes to him. Too bad it isn’t monetary, but I’m a broke college kid..
Jim (Aka DarkChoco, S:N Admin Guy #1):: Host
Okay, so he may not like this site’s current layout, but Jim actually allowed the ugly layout to be put the net. Yes, he offered to host us, and did, out of the kindness of his heart. Him, along with the other admins of Square Network, deserve a round of applause.
Despite all this, Jim is still my bitch. However, he is for sale: $0.01. Start saving up! (And he probably thought I was joking when I said I’d add this! Soon-to-be dead men tell no tales!) He’s a funny guy and annoyingly good at public relations…
Dolmant (Aka dolmant, UT Target):: L33t Scripting Guy #2
Freelance scripter/programmer (Dolmant’s Ambit), as well, deserves a round of jive finger snaps (too much stinging from applauding too much). Cheerfully keeping his patience through my blithering idiocy and lack of reading abilities. Yes, you’ll see this message two or three times in this thank you page (notice the number went down). With his help, most of the old CAN was developed, along with the new things such as myCAN, and has given me a lot of advice regarding PHP and mySQL. On behalf of Axloschak, I’d like to also thank him for setting up and automating Crescent Island. His help includes the old archive commenting system/UBB user authenication, myCAN, and much more.


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